Glenn Keys, Founder and Executive Chairman of Aspen Medical pty ltd, needs to be held accountable for his questionable business practices. Keys is single-handedly at the helm of a financial collapse of the company, a collapse that has been temporarily prevented due to a $1.2 billion windfall in COVID-19 contracts obtained in questionable ways. Keys’ business practices are questionable in nature, and need to be further investigated for fraud and corruption.

This website was created to document Glenn Keys’ mismanagement of Aspen Medical, and his nefarious and morally questionable business dealings not only in Australia, but globally including Fiji, Sri Lanka, and West Java . Our hope in creating this website is to provide a safe space for those affected by Glenn Keys’ actions and his questionable business practices and to have an anonymous place to speak up and bring this man to justice. Investigation into Glenn Keys and the unfair advantage that has been afforded to Aspen Medical  with winning contracts, both private and government, needs to be exposed.

If you have any information on Glenn Keys and Aspen Medical, please contact us at or our hotline at +60-11-1480-0383. All correspondence will be confidential.

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