The internet and print publication are flush with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) related articles. The majority of the articles regarding medical companies are positive, outlining novel technology and research to curb the spread of COVID-19 and complete and administer a vaccine. However, in the case of Aspen Medical and Glenn Keys, questions are being asked about how Aspen Medical benefited from one of the largest government contracts to combat the pandemic and their negligent “measures” implemented increasing the COVID outbreak in Australia. It is not below Aspen Medical and Glenn Keys to do whatever is necessary to create a profit and the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia served as the perfect opportunity for a massive profit for Aspen Medical.

The Ruby Princess was the subject of a criminal investigation looking into whether the ship deliberately concealed COVID-19 cases prior to docking in Australia. According to Forbes1, of the 2,700 passengers on board, 900 tested positive and at least 28 died. Aspen Medical was tasked with testing and treating sick crew members and passengers. Under Aspen Medical’s guidance, infected individuals were allowed to leave the ship and further expose and spread COVID-19 throughout the country. Aspen Medical also received ~$1.2 billion in Health Department contracts relating to COVID-19 support in Australia. This obvious conflict of interest created a media frenzy accusing Aspen Medical and Glenn Keys of participating in the cover up, as they are beneficiaries of the COVID-19 spread.

Not only did Apsen Medical receive billions of dollars for their “assistance” with COVID-19 in Australia, where the money went is up for debate:

To make matters worse, following the Ruby Princess investigation and medical assistance, Aspen Medical sent clinicians who tested cruise ship members to an aged-care home to provide service. As a result of this poor decision, 16 people from the Newmarch House facility are now deceased as a result of the carelessness of Glenn Keys-led Aspen Medical2.

Given Glenn Keys’ government relationships, it is doubtful Aspen Medical will ever be held accountable for their role in the Ruby Princess coverup, the death of 16 individuals, Australia’s COVID-19 outbreak, or misuse of the money they were given. If you have information that can help bring this man to justice, please confidentially contact our whistleblower email or our call hotline at +60-11-1480-0383.

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