Glenn Keys and Aspen Medical have been accused throughout the years of leveraging Keys’ relationships with government officials to procure contracts. Rather than dispute these claims or attempt to change business practices, Keys continues to receive preferential treatment from the Australian government in plain sight.

Keys and Aspen Medical have close ties to the Liberal National Party (LNP), having donated to multiple liberal party causes throughout the years1,2. Not only do they donate to the party, which is publicly available information, they blatantly deny these donations on their website, which is a sure sign something is being hidden: As outlined below and throughout our other articles, Aspen Medical and Glenn Keys continue to receive preferential treatment because of their donations and connections.

They failed the COVID-19 response in Australia, starting with their negligent operations and investigation on the Ruby Princess, where they allowed infected and contagious passengers and crew to disembark from the cruise ship and spread COVID-19 throughout Australia. They have $1.2 billion in government contracts for COVID-19 care that they have not adequately performed. If it were not for their LNP connections and donations, it is likely Glenn Keys would not have received preferential treatment in winning these contracts:

Aspen Medical has limited accountability to follow-through on their government contracts. As mentioned in our COVID-19 specific report, they are providing limited resources and support on the COVID-19 government contract. If they were not donating to the LNP, they would be held accountable to the same standards as any other company, rather than wasting away taxpayers’ dollars:

Keys’ was also appointed to the National Disability Insurance Agency under questionable circumstances because of his close ties to Scott Morrison, the leader of the LNP:

Additionally, Glenn Keys previously served in the Australian Defense Force and Aspen Medical General Manager Craig Fitzgerald spent time in the Australian Army. Their time in service has been called into question with accusations that the relationships they built during this time, and their “distinguished service” is leveraged to gain government contracts:

Aspen Medical and Glenn Keys have used this tactic to gain business in other countries as well, with a heavily criticized contract with the Fiji government as a primary example here.

If you have any specific information on Keys’ leveraging his government relationships, or payments to government officials and parties for favorable treatment to Aspen Medical, please contact our anonymous whistleblower email: or our hotline at +60-11-1480-0383

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